Hosting Guide

A handy guide with everything you need to know to make sure your guests have an amazing time. Let’s start with the basics.

What’s an experience?

Any small group activity hosted by a passionate local. An experience can be anything from a cooking class to a kayaking trip to pretty much any weird & wonderful thing you can think of.

Some examples of experiences to get the creative juices flowing

  • Take a nature hike with a bird enthusiast to spot and learn about different species along the way
  • Photo Tour of your city. Explore local gems and take amazing photos
  • Do you have a farm or homestead? People would love a tour and to learn about an alternative lifestyle.
  • Host a dungeons and dragons night and be the dungeon master.
  • Help others find inner peace. Teach yoga by candlelight and share tips on meditation
  • Canoe like the explorers did and take the same route
  • Take a culinary adventure by bike to taste the best pastries in town.
  • Drive guests away from light pollution for stargazing and chai
  • Explore a native plant garden and learn how to grow your own
  • Are you spiritual? Take guests on an other worldly journey using spiritual practices.
  • Maybe you have an awesome sound system with great music. Invite some guest over to just hangout out and listen.

A few things to keep in mind when hosting an experience:

No one does it like you!

Lean into your weirdness and customize your experience in any way you want! Set the vibe with your favourite playlist, get creative with the feng-shui, or add in some quirky & fascinating facts to make the experience as memorable as possible! This is not a stock-standard tour offered by a company. It’s YOUR experience. The more unique the better!

Remember: They are as excited as you are!

It’s completely normal to feel a little nervous about hosting. But remember, your guests have signed up for a reason: They WANT to be there! You’re offering an experience they are dying to have, and you’re the best person for the job. Back yourself. You got this!

What we look for in hosts:

At Xperium, we want to give everyone a shot at turning their idea into reality. That being said, here are some things we look for in our hosts:

  • A real passion for showing guests what your world has to offer
  • First-hand knowledge & expertise
  • An enthusiastic & encouraging attitude that makes people feel at home while trying something new
  • A passion for providing an experience you won’t find anywhere else, or can’t do on your own

Tips for interacting with your guests:

Introduce your guests to one another

Start off with some easy-going introductions so everyone feels comfortable with each other. After all, it’s often the people you share the experience with that makes it an unforgettable experience.

Be as encouraging as possible

Everyone’s probably a little shy or nervous about being in an unfamiliar place and trying something new with new people. Do your best to make sure people feel supported and attended to.

Names make a big difference

Everyone likes hearing their own name. It makes them feel comfortable and looked after, especially in a new place. Be sure to introduce yourself and try your best to call people by their names.

Don’t be afraid to spin a yarn

Got an interesting story to tell about the activity you're doing or the place you’re in? Sharing some of your personal anecdotes and musings means your guests get an experience they won’t get anywhere else! No one does it like you, and that’s what makes your experience so unique!

How to write a killer experience description

Your activity description should inform guests and get them psyched to have this experience with you.

  1. First, briefly describe what you’ll be doing. Tell them why is it unique and what sets it apart from other similar experiences.
  2. Add a little bit about yourself so they know who they will be interacting with. Don’t be shy, let them know why you’re best suited to offer them this experience! Be sure to throw in some quirky details and killer photos to draw people in and get them excited.
  3. Dive into the details. Give a detailed itinerary of how the experience will progress. How will things kick off and how much time (roughly) will each part of the experience take? The more detailed your plan, the better!
  4. What will they get from the experience? (Besides an unforgettable day, of course). Some new local friends? A unique understanding of the activity? Some recipes, souvenirs or pictures to take home? Let guests know what they will leave the experience with, and end with a strong selling point!

Other things to consider when creating your experience:

Where & when

Include the time and the exact location of where the experience will be held and where you will meet them.

What you’ll provide

Details about what you’ll provide (food and drink, special equipment, rain jackets, or anything else to make your guests comfortable).

What guests should bring

Expect your guests to show up with nothing but the clothes on their back. If guests need to bring anything for the experience, be sure to let them know.

Who can attend your experience

Keep in mind that someone booking your experience might book spots for other guests. If there are requirements around age, physical capability, skill level, or certifications, be sure to include them.

Anything else you might want to add

No two experiences are the same. Add any relevant information about things your guests may want to know beforehand. Give them a clear picture of what the experience will look like and include any details you think might sound enticing.

Ask for feedback

When the good times have been had and your experience is over, be sure to ask your guests to leave a review. Feedback helps new guests know what to expect and will let you build your rep on Xperium!

Good luck!

Thanks for sticking with us. Remember these tips and you’ll be a neighbourhood-famous host in no time! If you’re a little nervous about hosting an experience, that’s completely normal. Putting yourself out there is a huge step, and you’ll be so glad you did! Trust yourself. You got this!

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